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Home Care Subcontracting

Our recruitment services offer the hiring flexibility needed in today’s industry.

Health care facilities, nursing homes and hospices all have different staffing needs, terms of engagement and reimbursement standards. Our management team is highly experienced in not only recruiting the most qualified staffers for your organizations but we’re equally adept at tailoring subcontracting arrangements that benefit you and your patients. Our recruitment specialists can provide the nursing professional you need, whether it’s on a visit basis or for shift work.

AAA Nursing Care specializes in supplying skilled nursing for shifts of 8, 10, 12 hours.  We can also augment your own staff by picking up on visits that need to be performed.   We will work with your nurse managers to follow your plan of care for the patient.  We can help provide your patients with the support they need.


Home Infusion

Providing critical attention to patients at home or alternate locations.

Our health care specialists offer home and alternate site patients the support needed for infusions and IV care. This service is critical to many patients that are in need of a reliable service such as AAA Nursing Care. Whether the patient is at home or work our highly qualified specialists are dependable and will travel to patients no matter what time of the day or night. We provide infusion services such as IV infusion, IV medication management and much more.

For detailed information, please contact us at 203-377-2220.


Pediatric Specialty

Our Pediatric placements can be there at every place of a child’s daily life.

Whether it’s at the birth stage or their entry into kindergarten, AAA Nursing Care can offer you a nursing professional that answers the needs of children at every stage of their development. Our staffing firm understands and solves the specific needs of pediatric care professionals.

From pediatric clinic nurses to school nurses, our recruiters answer the call.

As a leader in the pediatric care community, many of our hospital and clinic clients rely on the discerning method of screening each of our pediatric nursing candidates undergoes. Many of our Pediatric specialists are experienced in a number of key services that pediatric clinics offer.

AAA Nursing Care also specializes in neonatal care at home for those who might need a helping hand at home after birth. Our specialists ensure a healthy and comforting transition for mother and child after birth.

For additional information, please contact 203-377-2220.

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