Elderly woman with caretaker

Non-Skilled (CNAs)

Finding compassionate CNAs and HHAs for our client/patients is most rewarding.

The qualities of empathy, kindness and reliability are what we look for in Certified Nursing Assistants and Home Health Aides. Far too often, these values are overlooked by recruiting professionals. Our goal is to place CNAs and HHAs that not only meet industry standards but also exhibit the qualities home care patients deserve.

For more information please call AAA Nursing Care at 203-377-2220.


Activities of Daily Living

We strive to hire professionals that are passionate about helping others.

Many Americans need assistance with routine day-to-day activities and the demand for these caring professionals is growing. Patience is a virtue and this is just one of the values we seek in professionals assigned to individuals needing help with daily activities. Our extensive database of non-medical professionals is what you can rely on when the occasion arises.

Please call us at 203-377-2220.



Our team selects Live-in Caregivers that can be trusted above all else.

Many people are in need of dedicated attention at home. Yet, without a Live-in Caregiver this becomes difficult. We recruit caregivers that become a welcomed addition to someone’s home.

Our management team ensures that each Live-in is capable of the daily care individuals need but will also seamlessly become part of their home. Each of our Live-in Caregivers helps reduce the risk of fall, injury and pain that can result from not having a dedicated Live-in.